MCLG: Week 1 Blog

Week 1 of MCLG: Blog

On 05/05/2014

Before I begin, I would just like to point out that week 1 does not mean the very first week of MCLG (Methilhill Community Learning Garden). This is the first week that a blog has been created for MCLG. For example, the blog next week will be called Week 2. The next article Week 3, and so on.

For this week, we were not at the garden. This was because we were busy planning a pallet. The pallet will have a painted picture, welcoming visitors to Charlie’s Plot. The plan is to recycle pallets to make the Charlie’s Plot board. To do this, we made example drawings of ideas that could go on our board. We are also planning to use other pallets to keep plants inside them. To do this without earth falling out, we stapled membrane onto the back of 4 pallets. We also faced the difficulty of repairing some of the slightly damaged pallets. Remember, we are using recycled materials to reduce the amount of waste that we produce in building our garden.

Overall, the day went well. The membrane was stapled to the pallets successfully, and the pallets were also repaired. We now have a final idea of what will go on the board. We will begin working on our final idea next week. It is expected that we will not work in the garden next week, as the site is not safe to contain materials at this time.

No pictures have been included in this blog, but expect pictures to be added in over the coming weeks. For now, all that is needed is the information. Pictures will come shortly.


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