MCLG: Week 2

In the 2nd week of MCLG, we started/completed various things. Those were:

-Nailing the board to the pallet.

We took our centre pallet that would be used for the display and nailed a board onto it. This board will be used for making the design. We also put a base layer of paint on the board this week. The board is now ready for next week, where we will begin the design.

-Creating Stencils

We also were creating/drawing stencils that will be used as the lettering for our board. The stencil work is completed, and will be ready to use next week to be drawn around for the board.

-Preparing Potato Sacks

Finally, we were preparing potato sacks. Using compost bags, we planted potatoes into these sacks. In future weeks, we hope these will grow, and be added to the garden for display. Updates on the Potatoes will be given each week.

The attendance was once again very good, and we made good progress this week. Next week, we will be getting to work on the actual board. An update on the potatoes and the board will come next week.

-Pictures to be received at a later date-


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