MCLG: Week 3

Week 3 of the project went well. Once again, there was a very good attendance. Maybe it was because of this that we got a lot done (maybe). We managed to finish off the potato sacks, paint the board for our pallet, choose what we need for our poly tunnel, and come up with some ideas for our opening day!

Potato Sacks-We finished off our potato sacks, putting a few last potatoes in. More updates on the potatoes will come in future weeks. We’ll see how fast our potatoes grow!

Board-A group of us worked on the board, using the stencils to paint the letters on to the board. No work was needed to be done on the overall pallet. However, the board is looking quite nice now. We can’t wait for you to see it!

Poly Tunnel-We also managed to find what we would need for our poly tunnel (including the size and prices) in one of the books that we had. Now, we know the prices for what we need to make a safe/secure poly tunnel for you guys to enjoy!

Opening Day-We also brainstormed some ideas for our opening day! Expect it t be in July-August time. Specific dates coming in future weeks. We’ll continue brainstorming to make the best opening day we can!

Finally, the group have also made an ambitious challenge. On June the 2nd, our members are going to try to survive a day without social media! Can we do it? Find out on June the 3rd! 🙂

Overall, there was a lot of progress made, and a lot of members came. Hopefully, we’ll continue to have the good number of members for the weeks to come!


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