MCLG: Week 5

Once again, MCLG went well. We managed to get a lot of important things done. We worked inside the garden today, and put up our boards and pallets. We also put plants in some of the pallets (a lot of plants can go into 1 pallet). While we were doing this, we had to move things out of the way. This ranged from bricks to tyres.

Cleaning Up: We set about on clearing the path to the board. There was quite a few bricks lying around, and even a tyre! This wasn’t hard to move, although the tyre was heavy, and we soon had a clear path to the board.

Board: Before setting up the board, we had to finish cementing in the final post that the pallets/board would screw into. We also drilled the pallets and the board onto these posts. However, because that one of these posts wasn’t properly solid because we had just put the cement in, we still have to drill another 2 pallets in. Possibly a job for next week. The board is now up and looks awesome. We still have a lot to do though before the opening day.

Pallet Planting: After we had the 2 pallets drilled into the posts (not 4 because of the unstable post) then we planted quite a few plants inside them. These pallets already had soil in them, so they were ready for planting! The pallets now look nice, especially along with the board, and we hope you like the selection we picked to be shown.

Once again, there was a good attendance, and we managed to get some important things done. There’s still a lot to do though. You wouldn’t be happy walking into a garden with only a board, would you?


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