MCLG: Week 6

MCLG went very well today. We had a good attendance and managed to get some things doner, even though Charlie’s Plot was more like a bog than a garden!

1: We placed bark chips on membrane to make paths inside Charlie’s Plot. The main path leading to Charlie’s Plot is almost finished, and now work has begun on the paths inside Charlie’s Plot. Work on the paths will be continued over the coming weeks.

2: The stone wall at the back of the garden is damaged, and has a large hole in the middle. A group of our members helped a member of staff begin to repair this wall. We can’t have a garden with a huge hole in the wall, can we? Like the bark chips, work will be continued over the coming weeks.

3: Finally, a smaller number of us were filling out a draft version of a monthly spending sheet that we need to send to Climate Challenge, the generous company who made this all possible! Of course, we needed a member of staff to help us, as the form isn’t exactly child-friendly. Hopefully we’ll get better at it as the months go by, and we do it more and more often!

Overall, it was a successful weeks where we started a number of different tasks, and are now fully preparing for the open day, which is quickly approaching. We hope to keep going at this pace, so that our open day can be the best it can be! Sadly, next week’s blog will be slightly later in the week, due to personal/school events. Expect it on Wednesday-Friday (hopefully Wednesday).



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