MCLG Week 7/8

The blog is later because of personal events (as I said in the previous update). To make up for it, there’s two weeks in one blog! Lets get straight to it…

Week 7: Last week, the group set heir minds to various tasks Whether it was clearing an area for the base of our yert to be placed down, constructing the growing beds, or planting, everyone was all helping out. Thanks to this, we now can place down our yert, a lot of work has been done on he growing beds, and there are some lovely new plants scattered around the garden. A good step forwards towards our open day (more info on that soon)!

Week 8: This week, we all set our minds to planting! It didn’t matter if we were moving dirt for future plants or literally ‘placing the trees in the ground’, we wer all helping towards planting. Thanks to this, we now have some new trees lining the front of Charlie’s Plot, and a much smaller pile of dirt, which is always good!

Next week shall go ahead as scheduled, and pictures WILL be on this blog soon (by the time you read this, it might be already on!)



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