MCLG Sumer Scheme: #1


MCLG, now having stopped for the summer, is now doing a summer scheme, which properly began this Monday. I’ll explain what we’ve done to the garden in the Summer Scheme each week, as we get ready for the open day. Speaking of the Open Day, it’s on..


Opening Day: 9th August 1pm-4pm! Make sure to be there!


Anyway, the two days that the summer scheme was happening was Monday the 1st of July, and Tuesday the 22nd (these were summer scheme activities on before this post was made). I’ll talk about each of them, and tell you what we done. So, lets begin!




On Monday, from 10am-1pm, the Charlie’s Plot group was on. In this time, we concentrated on beginning constructing the bottle greenhouse (a greenhouse made out of bottles, to avoid confusion) and making bug boxes. We now have some poles firmly cemented in the ground, so we can soon begin building the greenhouse walls from the bottles! We also made wooden bug boxes, which looked very nice!


After this, from 1pm-4pm, the youth group was on, inside the garden! In this time, there was a number of activities for the little rascals to take part in. There was arts & Crafts going on inside the yurt (which is now up!), while there was Sport on the field just outside of the garden. A lot of the kids decide to just play for most of the time, and it was quite clear that everyone had fun!




Today (at time of writing), the Charlie’s Plot group went down to the garden from 1pm-3pm to speak to a special visitor from the company CLEAR. CLEAR helped us a lot, including teaching us about the different types of vegetables, how certain plants need certain soil, and also helped us create the basics of an annual plan for planting/harvesting. This helped us out a lot, more than you could probably guess, and we’re now much more prepared to be running Charlie’s Plot than we were before. A special thanks needs to be said to Judith from CLEAR, who done a wonderful job of teaching us how to properly maintain our garden. We would never have guessed some of the things that we should look out for!


That’s all for the first blog of the Summer Scheme. I’ll keep this updated as more sessions go by. I hope you’re all looking forward to the open day, because I know we all are!



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