MCLG: Before, During, and After the Open Day

In this article I’ll be quickly rounding off what happened in the summer scheme. I’ll start off with what we had to do before the open day, then talk about how the open day went, and after it. So, I’ll start off with what happened before.

Before the open day, we had a lot to do. Some of it was described in the last article, but here is a full list of things we had to do, and done. -Met with Judith to talk about different vegetable families    –  Set up the poly tunnel   –  Created a mural  –  Worked on plants

These were just some of the things that we had to do before the open day, which was a huge success. There was a great turnout, with many more people coming than expected. There were various activities going on, with the young kids having a great time. We raised quite a few donations, which we need to say a huge thank you! The open day was great fun for everyone, and hopefully you can continue to have great fun at the garden!

This week, we have looked at what we’ve achieved and what we hope to achieve, and reviewed the summer term. We have all agreed that everything went well, and hopefully we’ll continue to all do well. Now, we’ll keep working at it to keep this garden running. Hopefully, we’ll continue to grow!


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