MCLG: Week 9

This week, we’ve begun working on Charlie’s Plot after the excitement of the Open Day. We worked on quite a few things, which you’ll find below. We looked at a Climate Change powerpoint to find out more about the subject, and some of our future goals. We also continued our work on the Bottle greenhouse, and talked more about our crop rotation bed.

Powerpoint: We looked at a huge powerpoint to see if there was anything relevant to our project. We took parts from it, so we now have a better understanding of our goals. The goals that we were mainly looking at with this powerpoint involve the ‘green shoots challenge’, and the more technical side of the project.

Greenhouse: Before, at the open day, you would of only seen a small part of the bottle greenhouse completed. However, now we’ve got a much larger part of the greenhouse filled with bottles. However, it takes a LOT of bottles to do one wall, never mind four.

Crop Rotation: Finally, we had a look at the crop rotation. There’s now a mind-map of how we’ll plan out our crop rotation. We’ll soon know where to put the different vegetable families, and be able to switch them around every year so w use up the soil as much as we can.

This week was a success, and we hope that the other weeks will go just as smoothly.




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