MCLG: Week 10

This week, once again, went well. The week was mostly planning, although we did continue the greenhouse. At the same time, we were making more mind-maps and making more ideas for the Halloween event at the garden, and perhaps a Christmas event? More on that in future weeks.

The greenhouse has been continued, but there is still some work to go. A bottle greenhouse takes a lot of bottles, more than you might think. Sadly, that’s way more bottles than we have, or can carry. So, the bottle greenhouse work may seem quite slow to you, but we are working on it.

We now have more ideas for the Halloween event, and are thinking about a potential Christmas event? Hopefully we can use these mind-maps to good use, to make a great Halloween event (or a bad one…for you). There aren’t currently any definite plans for Christmas event as of yet, but it is being thought about!

Finally, we were making a PowerPoint about Climate Change. It’s well on-progress, and should be ready soon. Don’t worry, it won’t be long, but it needs to be made. For us, and for you.

Another success had in the Charlie’s Plot group, let’s hope every week is like this!


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