End of Year Review – Year 1

SONY DSC This year has been a great success! We’ve started our clubs and held our events. Events that we’ve held include: Hallow Extravaganza, Open Day and our Christmas Event! There’s lots of things to look forward to.

There’s some clubs going on during the wekk that have been running veSONY DSCry well recently! These include the normal Charlie’s Plot on Monday, Nature Nursery on 3 times a week, and the Nature Tots and volunteers. All these clubs are going very well, with a good turnout for each!

The event held back in the Halloween period was a great success! We gained a lot of money to fund future activities and I think everyone had a great time! Don’t worry, there won’t be any ghost poop next time around!

We hope to hold more events in the future. Right now, we’re preparing for our PlotChristmas event. It should be a great time! I’ve heard Santa will be there. After the excitement of Christmas and Santa, we hope to be out more in the community helping with peoples gardens. If you’re interested in us helping you with planting and growing in your garden, then sign up for the ‘Green Shoots’ challenge!

In the start of next year, our group will be heading away to Glenshee for the weekend for team-building activities! Hopefully we’ll have a great time with fun for all of us. The weekend will involve skiing and aerial walkways, with a leap of faith! Wish us luck!

We’ll keep on providing events and developing the garden for future years! We hope you continue to enjoy all the clubs and events that we offer during the week. So, we’ll see you next time! Bye for now!SONY DSC


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