New Year Celebration (2015)

First off, happy new year to everyone! This year has been a great success, for everyone involved. We ended 2014 off with the Christmas event. It’s safe to say, it went very well! There was a great turnout and the kids got to meet Santa. It was a great day, and the group raised lots of money for their project. It was a great success, and will help us continue this project.

At the start of this year, the majority of the group went to Glenshee to brave the snow for a team building exercise! We had a great time, and went through some challenges. During our weekend there (which was over in what felt like no time at all, sadly), we climbed poles, braved blizzards, made snowmen, destroyed snowmen, sledged down hills, hit rocks, fell in snow, learned card games, and more! it was amazing (if I can say so)!


Charlie’s Plot is now back open from 6-8pm every monday and 10am-1pm every Saturday. New members are always welcome so come along any time! You might even get a biscuit!


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