Charlie’s plot 2015 #1 – New Year, New Problems

2015, a new year comes new problems. While this may sound like I’m about to say something awful or life-threatening, I’m not. So, you can all calm down, the world isn’t ending.

Firstly though, what have we been up to the last few weeks? What’s going on? Well, we’ve been continuing work on the presentation that was mentioned in the Newsflash. We’re proud to say, we’re almost finished! We’ve also planned for new plants to be welcomed into our garden. Our clubs are still going well, even with the winter chill in the air.

On another note though, we had a special visit. You might of already seen it in the papers (if you haven’t, then….(Insert cheeky comment here)), but we had a visit from some of the local MSP. They were given a tour, and some of our Charlie’s Plot group have been invited to go to parliament! As I said, there’s an article that talks about this in the paper.

So, I said that there’s been problems. “What problems?”, I hear you screaming at the top of your lungs. Well, our generator seems to have went into a mood and stopped working with us. So, we’ve been meeting by candlelight some weeks! Don’t worry though, it should come back to us soon (hopefully), and if not, the sun is right around the corner! And an eclipse, I hear…better watch out for that.

We’re still here though, alive and well. Our clubs are all still running, and everything is going well (apart from the generator, obviously). So, until next time, (insert amazing catchphrase here)!


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