Exursions #1 – Scottish Parliament

On Thursday the 5th of March, we visited the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. We were invited by Jayne Baxter-MSP of our local area, in the Labour party to meet her and for us to look around the Scottish Parliament, thanks to Nick (our tour guide). We all had a good time, and we also got to talk to Melanie Ward (candidate MSP for labour party) and Kezia Dugdale (who spoke during 1st ministers question time).

After some trouble getting to the Scottish Parliament, we arrived there (just on time). We got searched, while our bags/jackets got scanned.  Thankfully, none of us had decided to smuggle weapons into parliament. Go us!

We got a tour, thanks to Nick – who we all liked. He showed us around, and he was really good at explaining. I think we all understood him really well. After the tour, we watched the First Ministers question time in the debating chamber. We learned things like Parties like to sit beside each other if they are in the same party, even though they can sit anywhere.

After watching the politicians debate, we went and had lunch with Jayne Baxter. We talked about what we thought about the day, and had lunch with her. She answered many of the questions that we still had, and we left with sandwiches beinbg eaten. A great day by all.

Comments – Ross – it was fun, learned about parliament and liked how the building looked like.”

Brady – “it was a really fun experience i liked looking at the way the building was build and how the structure was.”

Emily – “it was informative of the positions of the MSP’s and the jobs they perform.”

Mel – “I already knew most of the information from school, but i still enjoyed getting to see the First Minister questions and the other MSP’s concerns.”

Aimee – “it was was good and interesting finding out about information on the Scottish Parliament.”


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