Summer Scheme 2015

As we head into the final sessions of the MCCI Summer Scheme 2015 we can look back on what has been an unbelievably successful project.

8 sessions were planned for primary aged children to explore the garden, the environment, and nature.

We also planned a camping activity The Big MCCI Camp Out, which will happen on the 14th and 15th of August.

We also planned a family trip to Craigtoun Park which happens this Friday.

During the garden sessions, we invited other groups and organisations along to share their knowledge, and fun! Taking part were Stuart from Youth 1st who delivered sports and activities, Mags from Common Good Food, Lorna from The Ecology Centre, Dave’s Bike Shed who taught the children about looking after their bikes which helps to look after them, and the environment! We also renovated the old garden boat, learnt how to make flower presses, planted, painted, played and had lots of fun!! The sessions were fully booked after just 4 days which was amazing!

20150720_151751 20150727_132248 20150722_150259 20150713_152533

We also held a couple of special sessions for our young volunteers and outdoor youth club guys.

Our young volunteers visited Cluny Clays to take part in some golf and segway treking.


Our outdoor youth club guys took part in some watersports at Lochore Meadows.

Our Charlie’s Plot committee group have spent a session creating Japanese Kokadama baskets and also spent a day working on their media project which will be using animation to explain the principles of climate change to children.


We also held an Open Day which was wonderful for the first hour, with over 200 people coming along… and then very wet for the remainder of the afternoon!!



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